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Favourite vegetarian recipes of 2021

We've discovered some lovely vegetarian recipes this year! The lockdown last year was actually a pretty good opportunity to get better at cooking, especially when we had to dig into our stockpile - yes, it really got to that point, strange to think now. This year was a bit less extreme in that sense, but we've come across lots of new recipes, and in particular getting better at being vegan-compatible. Here is a selection of the absolute best recipes we've been eating this year.

First, main courses - all vegan, all lovely!

These two main courses are not vegan but lovely anyway:

Desserts (all vegan):

Treats (all vegan):

See also my list from five years ago (FIVE??), The best vegetarian recipes of 2016. If you want to follow along with more foody explorations, I have a dedicated Twitter feed at @nomnomdan.

Shout outs to some awesome convenience foods we found in the Netherlands:

  • Lidl Vegetarische Bradworst -- very good indeed. Yv said it was exactly like those other dutch sausages, I said it was quite british-sausage-y.
  • Kips Vega Pate (the classic version) -- great pate taste. We had it on sarnies on holiday, and it's fabulous.
  • Future Sausage -- very nice! One of the nicest veggie sausages we've had - https://futurefarm.io/
  • Mr & Mrs Watson "Aged Camemberti" -- phenomenal texture, and very good nuanced flavour. Glad we bought it!
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