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Four amazing vegan ice-creams

It's official! Vegan ice-cream is now good.

Don't believe me? I don't mind, that means more for me :) But if you want my credentials: I'm not even a vegan and I think these ice-creams are great.

It's summer. There's a problem. You want ice cream, but the dairy industry produces masses of CO2, making the world hotter. Dammit, a vicious circle. Never fear! Try these amazing ice creams:

  1. Jude's vegan vanilla - it is LOVELY and creamy, with the decandent vanilla bean taste you want.

  2. Oatly strawberry - lovely pink strawberry flavour.

  3. Ben & Jerrys "Coconutty Carameld" - a weird but great combination, the coconut against the caramel -- the type of thing B&J are known for.

  4. ROAR "Coconut mango passion fruit oat cookie" -- what a crazy flavour. This tropical ice cream has really fresh flavours of mango and passionfruit both coming through boldly. I'm not really sure why it has oat flakes in it, but the overall effect is an over-the-top tropical cocktail. -- Oh and I also really like their "hemp seed chocolate brownie" ice cream, which is a straightforward great chocolatey one.

These companies all do other flavours too (for vegan chocolate ice cream, Oatly's is also good). But if you've not tried vegan ice cream before you might not know where to start, so here's your executive summary.

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