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Veganuary 2019 - the results

For a cook, Veganuary was a really interesting challenge. A whole month of being vegan! Here are some things I learnt:

  1. How to make a chia egg - it's a replacement for egg white made of... crushed seeds. Probably the main party-trick I learnt, since I already knew some of the other vegan voodoo secrets (e.g. aquafaba).
  2. How to veganise a cake
  3. Coconut becomes a bit of a fallback for creamy or fatty things: coconut cream, coconut oil, coconut milk... not too healthy to have too much of that!
  4. THERE@S MILK EXTRACT IN EVERYTHINGGG. This evening I picked up a pack of gnocchi - presumably just made of potato - and looked at the back... milk protein - gah!
  5. Vegan cheese: avoid Violife. Vegans will tell you "Oh this one tastes OK, this other one is good if you..." - don't listen to them! Violife will put you off vegans AND cheese!
  6. On the other hand, oat milk (Oatly) is ace alternative milk, and can be used for a surprising number of baking recipes with no problem at all. I've cooked Yorkshire puddings, quiches, all kinds of things with it.

You know, I didn't miss real cheese much, but that's probably because a month is not too long really. Didn't even get round to trying all the recipes I wanted to try. Had some lovely vegan junk food (shout out to Vivera shawarma, not to mention McSween's veggie haggis).

And for the record, as well as to show you all how interesting Veganuary can be if you like cooking, here are some of the delicious things we cooked+ate!

Jackfruit rendang meal
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