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What do vegetarians really eat?

I seem to know more and more vegetarians. (The official stats say it's growing and growing in the UK, so it's no surprise.) Me too. And for some reason, I was wondering, what does everyone tend to eat, on an ordinary weekday evening meal? Although it's nice to share recipes and maybe even food photos, that's a completely different thing from the mid-week everyday cooking.

So what do people have on a normal Wednesday...? Well. I asked them all. This Wednesday. Here are the answers I got:

  • "Lemon and spinach risotto"
  • "Pasta with courgettes, toasted pine nuts and goats cheese. Then I had some strawberries and blueberries. Then I had a pepsi max and some Milka because I'm a fatty!"
  • "Golden beets + lettuce in lemon vinaigrette, cauliflower rice, grenaille potatoes, olive oil-based chocolate cake"
  • "Soba noodles"
  • "Runner bean and aubergine Keralan curry"
  • "Pad thai! Home made. No fish sauce. Ridiculously delicious."
  • "Burrito"

  • "Cereal (sorry! my bad!)"

  • "Phoned in a curry :)"
  • "Pizza with my vegan cheese"
  • "Veg casserole and dumplings"
  • "Griddled halloumi, fried red onion, coucous and salad"
  • "One-pot gnocchi with halloumi, peppers, courgete, leeks and tomatoes & side salad"
  • "Quorn chicken & leek pie, roast potatoes, peas & sweetcorn"
  • "Veggie moussaka made with Quorn mince and aubergine"

  • "Homemade patatas bravas with salsa and sour cream and tomato & cucumber slad with croutons"

  • "Okonomiyaki"
  • "Soup made from beans, tomatoes, carrots, swede, and broccoli (read: contents of the veg drawer)"
  • "Cheddar cheese sandwich, using sourdough spelt bread, rocket and cucumber,with a small amount of mayo"
  • "Thai green curry (quorn and general veg) and soba noodles on the side because I had no rice"
  • "Skyr with musli (too busy to cook)"
  • "Thai takeout over riced cauliflower instead of rice"
  • "Lentil lasagne and spinach salad"

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm niiiiiiiiiiiice. That all sounds lovely.

Have we learnt anything? Well, Quorn gets a decent showing (I notice that because I'm not into it myself), pops up 3 times versus halloumi's 2. At a rough guess, approx half of the meals rely on cheese. I kinda think I rely too much on cheese for veggie cookery. But there's a pretty good spread in the types of protein and the types of carbs people have in their meals. Anyway. It all sounds very nice.

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