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South Woodford: the nom review

All these years I've been living in South Woodford I've been tweeting food things from my @nomnomdan twitter. Now, as I prepare to leave South Woodford, what will I miss? Or to put it another way, if you're in South Woodford what should you definitely eat?

  • International Supermarket - great range of cheap fruit, veg, herbs and more. They manage to outdo the Sainsburys, M&S and Waitrose, all nearby in the same precinct. Lots of international foodstuffs: great pittas, turkish delight, dudhis, and for some reason about 500 different varieties of feta.

  • Kistruck's Bakery - fantastic breads, especially the corn bread, the beetroot bread (Saturdays only), the danish bloomer, the lionheart, the German sourdough. Nice pastries too. The continental breads (croissants etc) are just there to fill out the roster. Ignore those and get a couple of their great loaves of bread. They keep for longer than the Sainsburys bread, too.

  • Casa Castelo - friendly little Portuguese cafe. Their pastel de natas (custard tarts) are addictive, and they also do great hot pork sandwiches, and feijoada (pork stew).

  • Cafe on the Lane - it's quite unassuming from the outside but there's quite a lot on their menu that they do just right. Such as: eggs benedict, the "wickerman" burger, and their posh full-english breakfast.

  • Turkish Mangal - for a great iskender. They've changed hands a bit though so things might have changed.

  • Wood Oven - for a great adana kebab.

  • Little Woodford Cafe - friendly little caff, for breakfasts, sarnies etc.

Restaurant-wise, there's plenty of stuff to choose from. Turkish Mangal I've already recommended. Also good are Ark (fish restaurant), Wildwood (italian chain), Nino's (italian), Morello (italian).

So now you know what to eat! (BTW - if you agree or disagree, let me know on twitter. For example, Welshbeard says Bella Naples is great, I didn't get round to trying it.)

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