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Best places to eat in Cambridge

I've been staying in Cambridge recently, on a research visit. (Cambridge UK, that is.) So I've had lots of opportunity to try the local eateries. So! Now you get to find out which are the best places to eat, if you ever need to eat in Cambridge:

  • Bibimbap, Mill Road - delicious Korean eatery. Like many amazing places, there's not much choice - you choose from veggie bibimbap, beef bibimbap, pork bibimbap, or a few others, but that's it. What you get is great: a pot of rice and veg and a fried egg, plus sauces and your optional meat. They make their own soy-like sauce which is rich and deep. There's also a "senna tea" (?) which is apparently made from some sort of bean - very savoury and surprisingly moreish.

  • Rainbow Cafe - vegetarian food in the hippy style. I had a delicious artichoke filo parcel. This place has been open for at least a couple of decades and it's still going strong, definitely a top recommendation, even if you aren't veggy. Light food or hearty food, all good.

  • The Sea Tree, Mill Road - sustainable tasty fish and chips - and make sure you don't miss the thoroughly great mushy peas. they also do various other fish dishes but I was definitely in a fish and chips mood.

  • Rice Boat and Cocum - two good places to get a dosa (south Indian savoury pancake). Cocum does a nice set of pickles (I had chicken, veg, fish, and bitter lemon pickle); Rice Bowl's "inchy curry" (gunpowder-ish strong little thing) is a top side-dish.

  • North China Dumpling - does what it says on the tin. A homely little Chinese dumpling cafe.

  • Hot Numbers - hipster coffee place. Good place to taste different coffees (they grind their own) but also they do a good salmon salad, and some surprisingly tasty panini. The food can be a bit over-sweet though - whatever you order (salad or bacon sarnie) it'll be sweetened.

Those are my definite recommendations. Here's a map with them marked on. Thanks to everyone who gave me tips on where to eat! Also some honourable mentions to:

  • Gardenia - fast food takeaway in the town centre. the special burger from Gardi's is glorious: comes with cheese, feta cheese, tzatkiki, gherkin...

  • The Mill - a well-known pub in prime position by the river, they do some decent food, and it's much less painfully trend-hunting than their sister pub The Brew House.

  • The Green Man (Grantchester) - another well-known pub, out in Grantchester.

(I also previously blogged about sushi in Cambridge...)

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