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The best recipes of 2012

If you follow my @nomnomdan feed you'll have seen me trying out various recipes throughout the year. As we go into 2013 it occurred to me to wonder, what are my best recipes of 2012, things I definitely want to make again?

So here they are, the top hits of 2012. The recipes are mostly not invented by me but each one of them is gorgeous, and they're not very difficult - go on, try at least one of them:


  • Poached sea bass, thai style - this is a beautiful way to treat sea bass; and so eeeeeeasy. I prefer to use noodles rather than rice, and it means you don't need any advance preparation.

  • Mackerel (or herring), de-spined and coated in english mustard then in oats, fried 3 mins each side. Served with kale & spuds. The combination of the oily fish with the hot mustard is surprisingly lovely, and kale is a great complement to it. (Kale has always been a bit odd-one-out in the past, but here it goes really well.)


  • Chairman Mao's red braised pork - apparently a famous Chinese recipe, and it's lovely. I would never have thought to use the sugar to make it caramely sticky, but it works great. I didn't use pork belly but something a little bit less unhealthy.

  • Honey chicken with hoi-sin plantain - sounds like a crazy combination, but again, delicious, and this is very very easy with only a handful of ingredients.


  • Lime tabbouleh - always wanted to be able to make this at home, now I know how.


  • Rhubarb in the hole - spent the summer experimenting with rhubarb, and this invention was one of the best things I tried. The ginger jam goes really well with the tangy rhubarb.

  • Rhubarb snacking cake - in this one, the magic is the way the fruity lemon bottom layer goes with the tangy rhubarb top layer.

So there you go. Try one of them. And let me know @nomnomdan how you get on...

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