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RMLL has free beer (as in speech)

Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre is the free software meeting for the french-speaking world. This year the meeting was held in Strasbourg, and it was a friendly event, with workshops, exhibitors and performances - plus their own beer, custom-brewed for the event - nice touch!

As a beer-drinker and open-source kind of person, I was keen to try it: they'd taken a Creative Commons beer recipe (invented by some students in Copenhagen) and commissioned a local brasserie to brew it up. The result, "Affichage Libre", was lovely - a light blonde ale, almost lagery but with more body, and a mild suggestion of fruity lemon. Perfect for the hot Strasbourg summer.

Bière libre

The idea of open-source beer is perhaps a little bit gimmicky - after all, the "recipe" for beer is pretty well known, and a lot of what makes a good beer is not written in the recipe: the specific flavours of the ingredients, the learned craft of the brewer. Open-source cola makes more sense than beer (such as Cube Cola), since tweaks to the cola recipe can be shared and improved worldwide. But that didn't stop any of us from enjoying a nice beer with a Creative Commons licence.

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