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Soufflé day: The results!

Well as everyone knows :) January 11th is soufflé day, so we went for the big one: soufflé for main course, soufflé for afters.

Here are the two recipes we used, the recipes were both brilliant and worked OK:

I've got photos too! Yes!

Making the soufflés Making the soufflés was OK. The timing was a bit tricky (put the main course in the oven, then get started quick-sharp on the dessert) but apart from that it all went smoothly.

We knew a few tips about soufflés: fold the whites in with a plastic or wood spoon (not metal, that deflates them). Don't over-fold when putting the whites in, you don't need to get the mixture looking 100% mixed in. ... and it worked, tadaaa:

Courgette soufflé

It was a dead nice soufflé. Seriously, next soufflé day, try this one out, it really does taste creamy and nice.

Eating the courgette soufflé

And for afters we had a lovely rich chocolate and orange soufflé, basically tastes like a very very light chocolate orange cake. Lovely.

Chocolate orange soufflé

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