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Cube Cola, or an open-source drinks pilgrimage

This time we were lucky. This time that we travelled all the way to Bristol, the Cube Cinema was open - the location of an open-source cola I read about ages ago. I marched in and said "We have come to try your fine cola" and they were certainly flattered, but also a bit distracted cos there was a film playing in the next room and I was talking too loud.

Dispensing Cube Cola

So then they dispensed us some of their open-source cola, and in whispers we tried it and were duly delighted.

Drinking Cube Cola

It's nice stuff. You should try it. It's not like cheapo supermarket cola, it really has the rich and slightly herby taste of a proper cola. They told us how they brewed it on the premises (they'd just done a batch the day before). They also told us about the film that had just started - a once-banned film about witches with live accompaniment played on a dulcimer - but alas we had to leave...

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