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London Zine Symposium 2007

We've just come back from the London Zine Symposium 2007. It was ace. (It's the first time we've been able to go because we're usually mysteriously on holiday at the time it happens.) It was really really busy, full of people and lots of zines to buy. We bought loads of zines:

Photos of the zines we bought

It might look like a whole zine stall, but it's actually just the ones we bought...

Excellent cake too :) and we also went to some workshoppy things which was interesting. We went to discuss zines and copyright with Chris, a zinester who also happened to be a recent law graduate, in a little group in the park in Queen's Square (it was nice weather). We also got shown how to make properly-bound books, i.e. the way that "proper" books are bound except done DIY-style, stitching a series of bookletty-things together and attaching them in a hardback cover etc. Surprisingly easy to make a good-looking book (which me and Philippa did!) as long as you've got someone there to show you how.

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