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Eating in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a great city. This time we had only 48 hours there but we raced round some of our favourite places, including a nice walk past the parliament and over the hill (Arthur's Seat). Top places for eating and/or hanging around:

  • Howie's - completely outstanding fish dishes we had (mine was trout with coriander, stir-fried veg and noodles). The desserts are noticeably average compared against the other courses; this time I had the trio of Scottish cheeses which was an off-kilter combination of the bland and the ridiculously strong. Definitely have starters rather than puddings here - last year I had a haggis-and-filo starter which I still talk about sometimes.
  • Voujon - classy indian restaurant that makes really tasty food. My lamb with fenugreek was gorgeous. The starters are big, so big that we couldn't get all the way through our main courses in the end.
  • Black Medicine Coffee Co - great relaxed world-music atmosphere for a cup of tea and a piece of cake. Nice smoothies/milkshakes and ciabattas/soup too.
  • Backpackers - friendly youth hostel, handy for a quick cheap drink and a game of pool. (I think there are a lot of Edinburgh hostels with that name since I can't locate it internetwise.)
  • Chocolate Soup - nice independent coffee/tea shop in a handy location. Their "theme" is their massive range of bizarre variations on hot chocolate. They also do sandwiches, soup and porridge.
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