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Pizza Rubbish

The BBC's recipe site is normally really quite good, and I use it quite a lot to check how to cook something. But tonight I wanted to make a pizza from scratch (didn't have any ready-made pizza bases anywhere) so I searched the site and ended up with a pizza recipe which included a pizza base made of plain flour, salt and olive oil.

Hmm, I thought, slightly odd to make a pizza base that way, and without resting the dough or anything... but I went ahead and did it anyway.

When it came out of the oven it looked lovely (I'd used spinach and red pepper for the topping, with an egg on top). But the base was awful! It was so pathetically awful (more like crumbled biscuits than a pizza dough) that I had to throw the whole thing away. I couldn't eat it. Those daft chefs on Ready Steady Cook have some questions to answer...

So, in the mood for pizza I rang up my local pizza shop and asked for my favourite: parma ham and rocket pizza. The pizza shop has changed its name recently, and as it turns out they've also given their pizzas silly names - this one is now called the "Charlito" or something. Hmm. Not promising. Anyway, when I got it home it turned out that they'd stuck pepperoni underneath the ham, which they never did in the past. Nothing wrong with pepperoni normally, but blimey it ruins the taste of the ham and rocket! Cor, does anyone know how to ruin a classic combination?

I ate the pizza, of course, but it wasn't actually all that nice. Better than my own attempt though...

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