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Pub statistics for UK and Eire

I just extracted all the pubs in UK & Eire from OpenStreetMap. (Tech tip: XAPI URL builder makes it easy.)

There are 32,822 pubs listed. (As someone pointed out, that's 38.4% of all the pubs in OSM. So the UK is doing well - but come on, rest of the world, get mapping yr pubs ;)

A handful of quick statistics from the data I extracted:

  • The real_ale tag indicates 1080 real ale pubs (the tag is blank for 31678 of them, "no" for 64 of them). That's 3%, probably much less than the true number.
  • The toilets tag indicates 1211 have toilets available - again about 3%, whereas I bet most of them do really!
  • The food tag shows food available at 1119 of them (31686 blank, 17 "no"). Again about 3%, gotta be more than this.
  • The wifi tag shows wifi available at 274 of them (32450 blank, 98 "no"). I've no idea how common wifi is in pubs these days.
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