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Happy UK live music day

Happy UK live music day! On the news this morning they announced that one of the regulations removed in the government's so-called "bonfire of the regulations" is the law that you can't have live music in the UK without a specific licence.

This is great news. The licensing was proper onerous - you used to need a licence that covered the exact rooms you had in mind. I remember a few years ago when a new arts centre opened up right next to my house. I was developing some generative musical ideas at the time, and I thought, aha, they have a CD playing in the bar area, I can propose some generative music for them which would be an interesting arty thing.

Unfortunately, the art centre couldn't do it, because they had a music licence that allowed live music only in the theatre, but not in the bar, or the gallery, or...

This has cropped up in other contexts too. The exact rule, if I remember right, was that you could have unaccompanied unamplified singing, but anything more than that (even accompaniment with a single acoustic guitar, etc) was banned except in these licensed rooms, and many many places in the UK couldn't be bothered to apply for licences if it wasn't part of their main line of business.

So. More interesting little bits of musical happening, I hope.

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