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Ration Book Britain

Just been watching another episode of Ration Book Britain, on the TV channel with the confusing name ("Yesterday"). Ration Book Britain is a great series of programmes, combining World War II history with recollections from old folks, plus a great non-patronising approach to reconstructions such as how wartime cooking was done.

This episode was about fashion and it involved a really good kind of joint project: model Jodie Kidd (presenting the programme) introduced some old ladies to a class of university fashion students, plus some of the wartime rationing instructions (not allowed more than one pocket! no turn-ups! no double-breasting!), and they created some new clothes designs. So it was a mixture of modern fashion ideas with the make-do-and-mend approach, and the interaction and the outcome came across really well. Especially the reaction of the ladies when Jodie modelled a summer evening-dress made from bed-sheets.

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