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My PhD thesis now online

I'm glad to say the thesis corrections have been approved so my PhD thesis is now in its finished form - available here:

The title is "Making music through real-time voice timbre analysis: machine learning and timbral control". (Tip for future PhDs, try to choose a title that you can say in one breath...)

I'm really grateful to all the fab people in C4DM - I've got so much from being in a research environment with so many people knowledgeable about such a variety of cool things - and, well, I don't want to rewrite the whole acknowledgments here (they're on page 3) but all the people who took part in experiments or just chatted about research. (Including the folks at humanbeatbox.com)

The thesis is available under creative commons. And, because I uploaded it to archive.org they also seem to have converted it into some crazy ebook formats, so you can presumably read a garbled version of it on your kindle if you like ;) probably best to use the original PDF if possible, though (the TeX source is also included).

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