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YMCA (NYC) and whether it's fun to stay at the

For budget accommodation in New York, I got a tip to try the YMCA. It was $90/night for a single room, which is not cheap although it is cheap for Manhattan. But did it live up to the claims? Let's examine the evidence:

  • "You can get yourself clean" - hmm well the communcal showers on my floor were grotty and a bit smelly, so I never really felt all that clean.
  • "You can have a good meal" - yes the cafĂ© served good solid food for an OK price, including good breakfast stodge such as bacon+egg buttie or "home fries" whatever they are.
  • "You can do whatever you feel" - well the use of the swimming pool and the sauna is nice, you wouldn't normally get that in a cheap place. And free wi-fi too which was handy.

I didn't sleep that great, cos the place was kind of draughty and noisy with the sound of various groups of European teenagers doing whatever they feel. But it was cheap and cheerful and not bad at all.

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