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Lots can go wrong when you do a gig. You improvise around it, and sometimes when that happens it's obvious from the way people talk that the end result didn't do much for them - but sometimes it's clear from the way people talk that they were into it. Tonight was a mix of those two: I had some technical issues that stopped me from doing some stuff in the way I'd planned, but it was no disaster, improvising around that led to different things.

If you're a gigging musician, live improv is an exhilirating experience, a million times more than playing pre-planned stuff, your whole mind has to be involved and yes you can make all sorts of music happen that just wasn't there before. Live coding is how to do that with computers. (You can "improvise" with traditional music software but it's so constrained that it barely counts.) It's not all plain sailing, especially when there's technology in the picture, but every single show has new things and new discoveries.

Improvise or die!

Improvise and die!

One of the two.

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