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End of Woolworths

So, goodbye to Woolworth's. Went in the Woolies in Burnley last week, and the one in Finchley this week, they have a real end-times feel to them...

I bought a sleeveless Goldfrapp album for 10p. When I was little I used to be in Woolies every Saturday, buying a fizzy drink and maybe a cassette single or some pic-n-mix. I'm not particularly sentimental about it, because ever since then, all it's meant to me is a place full of plastic crap and cheesy chart singles. But it's worth marking its passing, since it's been a fixture on British high streets for a fair old while.

(Plus of course there are people losing their jobs, which is very bad news for them. But in general it's more important to get cross about the closure of Post Offices, which axes jobs at the same time as robbing places of services that they need. Aaaaanyway.)

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