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Book: Watch Your Mouth by Daniel Handler

Philippa read Watch Your Mouth and thought I might like it, which is news in itself since our tastes in books are really far apart. Who would have thought our tastes might meet in a surreal sex-mad incest-themed farce? - Dammit, those adjectives don't pinpoint the book at all but they give the right... flavour...

It's a bit like Gravity's Rainbow (but much shorter) in its unrelenting postmodern playfulness. By "unrelenting" I mean to imply "sometimes a bit wearing". Also all the meta-fictional jokes, and the way that the novel's structure is actually kind of part of its plot. (I thought at first that all the opera references were just annoying twiddles, but you soon see what they're there for.) Plus the fact that in both, I sometimes started to suspect the main character might not actually exist, not common in novels...

Philippa summed it up pretty well - and the author would be happy with this summary: "It's not the novel I thought I was going to be reading."

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