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Wood's Queen pinball, Shunt

Shunt is pretty much the most amazing space in London. I won't go on about it but it is.

We were wandering and we found some pretty old pinball machines. The oldest one was Wood's Queen, a machine so old that the score is counted up on a noisily rotating barrel-counter (like in a mileometer) rather than on lit-up numbers. So when you get points, you hear this clunking sound from above as the numbers klunk round. Wow.

Photo of Wood's Queen pinball, from IPDB

Since it's such an old pinball machine it doesn't have any of the hyper-complicated snazz that's now normal. The main target is a row of six little tiles at the right-hand side, each with a flower painted on in a different colour. All very pleasant. I'm sure it wouldn't take too long to get bored of it since it's so simple, but as a little bit of history it's v good to come across. From 1976 apparently.

They had quite a few. We also had a go on Galaxy which has lovely classic 8-bit sound effects (the main sound is a big PWM square-wave sweep, mzzzeeeeoooowwwmm). Also Dolly Parton which was pretty good - it had a nice selection of things to do, like the little alley of in-line drop targets (that's a technical term I just learnt off the web) - but it gave us loads and loads of goes, so we got kind of bored of it...

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