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SuperCollider on Eee

I've just managed to compile and run SuperCollider on my new Asus Eee PC (tiny little linux PC). It took a lot less hacking than I expected! :)

Photo of SC and Jack running on the Asus Eee

Now with video too

I'm hoping to write a proper little SuperCollider-on-Eee tutorial at some point, but the basic points are:

  1. I thought I might have to remove the default operating system and install a Linux of my own choosing, but the default Xandros seems to be sufficient.
  2. You need to follow the eeeuser.com instructions on "enabling repositories" which makes it easy to install various bits of software (things like jack, fftw, scons).
  3. From that point you just follow the standard instructions for installing SuperCollider on Linux

I haven't done any of the useful stuff like getting the text editor or graphical interface stuff installed btw.

UPDATE: HERE's my detailed walk-through on installing SuperCollider

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