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NIME 2008, Genoa

Photo of a Genoa street Genoa is an intriguing city to wander around: very multi-level (cos of the hills), and the old town centre is made of winding narrow streets crammed with tall buildings and the occasional surprising church. And somewhere in the middle of that is Casa Paganini, the main venue for the NIME 2008 conference.

Photo of lecture hall at Casa Paganini

Met plenty of good people, had some good encounters. Various discussions with people about evaluating musical interfaces (something I'm working on at the moment), including Marcelo Wanderley and Chris Kiefer among others. Photo of neat kalimba interface by Adrian Freed Adrian Freed gave an interesting talk on components for building cool new interfaces - resistive rubber bands etc. His DIY electro kalimba was a very neat little example. My talk went well, I think, and also the demo sessions where I demonstrated my voice-timbre-remapping system (loads of thanks to Rob for design thoughts and pep talk which helped me get the visualisation up and running!).

Photo of participant using my vocal timbre system

Nice italian food too, e.g. in the cafĂ© called -∑ p log p, worth mentioning for the name alone...

Photo of lunch

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