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Mum's party photos

Photo by Michael Sewell

For my mum's 60th we hired a photographer to take some good-quality pictures of the party. We looked around at a few people in the area, and found Michael Sewell. If you check his website you'll see he does a big variety of types of photography, but one of the things he specialises in is low-light photography, which is particularly helpful for evening do's. Saw some nice pics on his website, capturing disco lights and candles and suchlike without needing to flood out the lighting with a flash.

Well we weren't disappointed. Some great pictures, like the one above - really nice colouring, and a great photo of a moment which I assume must be tricky to catch on film. A nice mixture of action photos complemented by still-lifes (cards, table decorations etc), plus some portrait shots which Michael took earlier in the day. We're waiting for the final printed album to come back from the printer's, but certainly the proofs look great.

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