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Man On Wire

Man On Wire is an amazing film, much more than just watching Philippe Petit's once-in-a-lifetime high-wire act. Besides the "bank heist" plot of how they ever managed to smuggle a ton of wire-walking equipment to the top of the World Trade Center - fake IDs, sneaking past security guards, dressing as construction workers, the whole shebang - the story of the motley little group of people that somehow made it happen is much more suspenseful and affecting than you'd expect. Petit's best friend and his girlfriend (in particular) tell the story of their involvement really movingly, plus quite a few other people (I didn't work out exactly how most of them got involved in it!). There are some really funny moments too, e.g. the account of the New York cops who tried to get Petit off the high-wire...

Man On Wire poster

I definitely recommend seeing this. We had a free members' preview screening at the Phoenix Cinema this morning, and the place was as busy as I've seen it, it went down very well.

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