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Ladyfest London: Feminism has all the best tunes

Just back from an amazing set of gigs on the Saturday night of Ladyfest London. The highlight for me was Matt and Kim - their energentic synth-pop is lots of fun but made so much more amazing by their stage presence, which is nothing short of ecstatic. Muchos dancing.

Before them I was pretty definite that the highlight of the night was definitely Comanechi. They really ripped the place up with a sound that was kind of like early heavy Nirvana but with Japanese female vocals, and from that description you probably love them already yes?


Also there were Gertrude. I've seen their name bandied around here and there but I didn't realise they were good.


Vile Vile Creatures rocked the place too. I kind of feel privileged to have seen such a quantity of bands that rocked so thoroughly but in their own separate way, all in one night. Something like Ladyfest seems to be the ideal way to make this happen.

(Disclaimer: my mobile-phone photos are awful, I know. Make your eyes go fuzzy and you might get a better impression.)

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