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Hokaben Saturday

Was looking forward to Chris Corsano cos of his drumming skills. But the set was much more boring than I had expected... he was duetting with Mick Flower playing the "shaahi baaja", an instrument which didn't seem to be able to go anywhere or change the mood. So the drumming was the only thing that could provide any dynamics, and he did that, building things up, pulling things down, playing in many different ways, but he couldn't really make up for the lack of other dimensions. Luckily The Mystery of the Wax Museum was playing on the backdrop so we watched that.

Frustration of the night was that Shitmat didn't get to play, after we'd waited hours for his set. DJ Scotch Egg was pretty good, hardcore gameboy gabba madness, but I think the sets being a bit delayed meant that the venue staff wouldn't let Shitmat go on after. Massive shame for us and for mister Shitmat himself, who wasn't very happy about it either.

Oh and finally, the bouncers were annoyingly aggressive. It's understandable when they're on the door - but the moment that Scotch Egg finished, they were striding round the venue fixing people hard in the eye and saying "We're closed." Jeez.

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