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All Tomorrows Parties 2008

Highlights of the ATP festival last weekend:

Saul Williams at ATP

  1. Saul Williams and his band all glammed up like Niggy Tardust, damn they rocked.
  2. Damon made us a wicked roast dinner on the Sunday, and we had it with Matt's homebrew gooseberry wine - now that's living it up.
    Sunday lunch at ATP
  3. Dancing in the Crazy Horse (pub) - especially when the Beef Warehouse DJs got it going good and proper. (Plus they're the best-named DJs ever.)
  4. Ghostface Killah's set when a bloke from the crowd stepped up to represent UK with a nice bit of rhyming - nice one Neutronixx.

ATP outside, on Sunday when the weather became OK

There were a couple of acts that I was disappointed by (e.g. Four Tet - just cos you're fiddling with a Tenori-On doesn't make it interesting), but some good surprises too: Polvo turned out to have a nice line in melodic guitar patterns. Also good was Iron & Wine, and Animal Collective, and, erm, yeah, everyone we met... especially the woman who caught us trying to sneak our pints out of the venue...

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