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Björk: Volta

OK, so Björk's new album Volta is a brill album: more tuneful and more fun than some of the other recent albums (Vespertine, Medúlla), and with some of the same kind of range of moods that was on Debut.

I would never have thought that anyone could manage to join Björk on those fluttery vocal flights she sometimes does, but Antony-from-Antony-and-the-Johnsons does exactly that on The Dull Flame Of Desire, and it works brilliantly. Antony's vocals and the slow building drumming (from Lightning Bolt!) make this one of the best tracks on the album, really worth hearing.

If you want to sample one or two tracks, try Earth Intruders (the single; NB the single version is a much better mix for some reason) and The Dull Flame Of Desire.

If you want to hear Björk trying to do an impression of Alec Empire, well, that's what Declare Independence seems to be (!). It's there with all the distortion, vocal clipping, remorseless tuneless slogan yelling, and bludgeoning beats. It's a fun track but it does tempt me to go and put on Squeeze the Trigger.

I am impressed with Antony-from-Antony-and-the-Johnsons though. He sings duet on two of the tracks. Maybe I should listen to some of his own music.

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