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Björk goes percussive

This is getting weird. Every time I hear of some exciting new music-makers, two months later they turn up collaborating on a Björk album. It happened with Matmos a while ago, then it happened with the beatbox crowd - one day I was in St James Park (in the middle of London) doing beatboxing with a load of people I'd met on a message-board, the next thing I knew one of them was on Björk's all-vocal album Medúlla.

Now it's happened again. Last year I was blown away, almost literally, by Lightning Bolt. Their volume and intensity in performance is mind-blowing, yet it's still colourful and fun. I like it. Also last year, a friend of mine recommended Chris Corsano, this "crazy drummer" who did some brilliant solo performances. I downloaded some of his stuff from eMusic and it's wicked. Now it turns out that both of these have been collaborating with Björk on tracks for her new album Volta!

This is good news of course. It gives tantalising hints that maybe this new Björk album is going to be full of mentalist drumming which would be brilliant. The single she's released, which was written with Timbaland, is a great track but it isn't mentalist at all, but here's hoping.

The question then is: who in the world hasn't Björk collaborated with? I really have to think hard to think of innovative musicians I like who haven't magically appeared on a Björk album yet, but I can think of a few. If any of these do turn up on one of her albums, then it'll be true after all - every innovative musician ends up working with Björk: Seb Rochford, Einstürzende Neubauten, Shitmat, Clouddead...

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