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What does Heinz mean?

The reason I wrote about corporate noun-phrase reversal was because I saw an advert for Heinz beans, which reminded me of that old topic.

Heinz has started calling its beans "Beanz" instead of "Beans". Any reason? Well, it's completely transparent really: the word "beans" can't be trademarked, but indeed if you search the UK trademark website you'll find that Beanz is registered to H.J. Heinz Company, Limited. Not surprising or evil, but just silly.

Now they're pushing the concept slightly further. The advert I'm reading says: "[W]e've renamed them Heinz Supreme Beanz". That's a silly name (reminds me of chicken supreme) but presumably it's a step in the strategy of moving the brand away from the generic name which other manufacturers are free to use. If they can successfully get people to refer to the brand with their trademarked name then it makes it easier to keep the competition at bay. I don't expect the name will actually stick, but we'll see...

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