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Resonance Lives

Last night we went to our first Resonance FM night, a fundraising gig for the station. The music was just as you'd expect - a massive variety: some weird, some techno, some a bit self-obsessed.

My favourite was probably "Superstrings with strings", a band called Superstrings working with a string quartet for a one-off semi-improvised performance. The string backing, the powerful and experimental Japanese vocalist (e.g. at one point she was using the sound of sucking the back of her hand!), and the amazing range of bendy sounds that the guitarist could come out with, worked really well together. The sound was baffling at some points: there was one song where I kept thinking I could hear a trumpet, but then was that a side-effect of the vocals or the violins or...?

Philippa's favourite was Hot Roddy who did some very nice music combining computer beats with sitar playing. I thought his sitar playing was a bit ropey. There was also some boring bleepy stuff, some guitar stuff which I didn't like, and some nice Aphex-Twin-style stuff, and Kevin Eldon pretending to be a poet. Oh, and some really great African guitar music - can't remember the man's name, but it was gorgeous songs and fun. The least po-faced act by a long way.

There was a really good film which was nothing but a speeded-up film of a man working in the cab of a crane on a building site. The film stayed with him over days and months, moving the crane around, lifting things around the building site, sitting smoking or talking on his mobile, and it might not sound like much but it was fascinating.

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