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HB Hardcore

With our new wi-fi radio we've been discovering some really good stations. One excellent one that we're listening to right now is HB Hardcore which broadcasts a brilliant stream of non-stop four-to-the-floor hardcore house.

It's absolutely joyous music, and really good to listen to. The thing about this kind of hardcore is that on the surface it can seem amazingly stupid - there's almost nothing but a grating pseudo-bass-drum BOWM-BOWM-BOWM-BOWM noise with some samples and keyboard sounds sprinkled over the top. But actually it can be really rich - the non-stop pounding sound is a kind of touchstone, an anchor which lets you explore the rhythmic flutters over the top. The music always seems to tagged with aggressive macho voice samples (the tag for the current one on HB Hardcore is "Hardcore, you pussy motherfuckers!") but it's not as mind-meltingly offensive as it likes to think.

Slightly weirdly, with the wi-fi radio you can't tell where the station is from (unless you browse by country - but I found HBH by browsing by genre) or who is producing it, or what the URL is - so I've no idea who is putting this station out. I tried a quick web search and couldn't obviously see a home for it, although one page suggested it was from Norway. Whoever you are, HB Hardcore, and wherever, thanks!

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