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Compiling libmikmod for iPodLinux

I'm working towards being able to write some software for iPod Linux.

One of my intermediate steps is trying to tweak the Podfather demo so it'll work on my iPod mini. Not quite got it working yet. One of the things I had to do was recompile the libraries libmikmod.a and libpthread.a. I couldn't find any info on the web about how to compile it for iPod, but Gasman gave me some tips and eventually I got it to compile.

Just for the record (so the info is on the web somewhere), here's how I cross-compiled libmikmod on my Mac (bash shell), for use on the ipod:

CC=arm-elf-gcc LD=arm-elf-ld RANLIB=arm-elf-ranlib ./configure --host=arm-elf  --enable-osx=no
LDFLAGS=-elf2flt make


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