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Pinball at CGEUK

At the Classic Gaming Expo yesterday they had a great selection of pinball machines, some old, some new. The best one there was Junk Yard, which featured a little dangling wrecking ball which you could whack with the pinball and cause it to swing around and smash things. It also had some good ramps and you could swing the pinball right round the wrecking-ball area in a really fast tight loop.

The two modern games were The Sopranos and The Shadow, both featuring plenty of gimmicks. In the Sopranos game the ball moved quite slowly - it was easy to spend a very long time in multiball without losing it - and went really easy into all sorts of traps, so it wasn't very demanding but quite fun. The Shadow had some eye-catching innovations - an area where the ball would suddenly "freeze" thanks to a hidden magnet, and a "battlefield" where you used the flipper controls to play a breakout-like game - but they detracted from the playability and the game was a bit incoherent.

Another good one was Road Show which featured two plastic talking heads and some good old curves and ramps.

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