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A couple of months ago we went to see Einstürzende Neubauten play a live gig, and it was absolutely amazing. I mean actually amazing, not just that the music was really cool but my mouth was hanging open in amazement. They use almost all acoustic instruments (strangely-shaped pieces of metal, compressed air guns, plastic tubing) and they make sounds that approximate some of the hardest digitally-processed industrial-type music. It's completely mindblowing, and really good to dance to.

I signed up to their website as a "supporter", which means that I've paid some money, which entitles me to loads of music downloads as well as a copy of the CD/DVD they're currently working on at the moment. This might just be the canniest music-making arrangement yet conceived for the era of the internet. I like it a lot. It only works with very heavily established bands though, since new acts are unlikely to get any money this way.

They've just released a full two-hour live recording (for registered supporters only I'm afraid) and it's bloody great. If you've not heard of Neubauten, go to their site and try out one or two of their tracks. And bear in mind that it really isn't sample-based music, it's mostly people hitting heavy things.

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