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Ladyfest Brighton: Some workshops

The brilliant thing about Ladyfest is that it's full of ideas as well as music. It's in danger of making all other indie events (the ones I know, at least) look vacuous and irrelevant. It was a bit of a shame that the workshop venues were so spread out across Brighton, because so many of the workshops looked so interesting, it would have been nice to go to more of them.

The most packed-out one had a film "Don't Need You" which documented the US Riot Grrrl phenomenon fantastically, followed by a panel discussion featuring Alison from Bratmobile and Tobi from Bikini Kill. It was an amazing chance to hear from them about the scene's US origins, although to be honest I'd have loved to have heard more from the UK scenesters about the UK legacy, since I don't know much about it myself.

The "fat activism" workshop was good - I definitely want to read the workshop leader's book Fat And Proud, and I want to do more to work against those weird ideas that seem to be embedded in the brain of pretty much every woman I know - those ideas which make them obsess about getting thinner, irrespective of how good they look right now or how healthy their body weight is right now.

"Start a Ladyfest" was a panel with organisers of UK Ladyfests past and present. It was really interesting to hear about all the ins and outs of organising it. I think that wherever the next one is, it shouldn't be in London, so I don't think I'll be directly involved in organisations; but I think some of the others may carry the torch to some other town...

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