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Kid Carpet and The Holloways

We saw Kid Carpet in concert on Monday and it was a proper triumph.

Sadly, a tramp had walked away with a bag full of his equipment during the day - so he lost his white guitar, his Furby, and a lot of wires. You could tell he'd spent the day running around trying to sort things out, and that he was worried about pulling off the gig. Despite all that, he performed a fantastic full set and everyone loved him. (He had to leave out the white-guitar-based songs, but the audience filled in for the furby's vocals.)

Both the support bands were good too. The Holloways were a good ska band, and you know, a lot of the time ska bands can be fun to dance to but not so fantastic on record. But their single, "Generator" is a fantastic slice of calypso which can't help but make you feel better. It's really something special. You can buy the single for not much money - try it out, it's really worth it.

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