SuperCollider code written by Dan Stowell:

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UGens generate sound or control signals. My MCLD UGen pack contains various things: * Oscillators: Chaotic oscillators (Rossler, Finco-Sprott) * Onset detection: OnsetsDS provides good-quality musical onset detection * Signal analysis: Various FFT-based analyses (flatness, spectral flux, power, subband power, spectral percentile, complex flux, modified Kullback-Leibler), plus FFTTriggered too. To download the UGen pack: sc3-plugins project is now the home for MCLD UGens. Scroll down to the "sc3-plugins UniversalBinary" section to find the download for Mac OSX. (For other platforms, you may need to compile the code from source - Linux compile scripts and other things are available.)


Quarks are extensions to the SC language, maintained in a special package-management system to be easy to install. * MP3 - Read an MP3 file or stream, or write an MP3 file, within SuperCollider * batchNRT - A method which makes it easy to batch-process audio files in SC

Other extensions:

MCLD Genetic Algorithms library (36kb) Also my talk about GA for the SC symposium 2006 Dan performing Dan performing


trackplayer - simple GUI for mixing WAV files and microphone, for radio DJing Risset accelerando - the beat never stops Audio-only games: Ghost Walk (NB the download is bundled as a standalone app) Keepy-Uppy

See also...

Dan's music made with SuperCollider: scwork, tis evolution