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Cheap DIY drum triggers
PAUL WHITE enters Blue Peter mode and puts together a fully working drum pad and pedal trigger system for less than the cost of a pint of lager.



Bennink drums cheese
Dutch drum maestro Han Bennink plays a drumkit made of cheese as part of the current MOCCA exhibit, Demons Stole My Soul: Rock 'n' Roll Drums in Contemporary Art.

Analogue Heaven MidWest annual get-togethers
All synthgeekgearheads are encouraged to join us and spend some time with awesome gear and great people.

The Springboard (eric leonardson: experimental instruments)
The Springboard is an electroacoustic coil spring instrument I built in 1994 to create new and unusual sounds that were richer—generated physically and more immediately—than was possible with electronic instruments and recorded sounds.

dogma00 is a post-Luddite guideline for making computer-based rhythm music. The resulted music composed by following the dogma00 rules sounds as alienated and unhuman as possible.

How to Build a Portative Organ
This page describes where to order instructions on how you can build a portative organ for less than $300 (US), including the cost of the instructions, in 50-100 hours.


The Earth Harp
The group Mass Ensemble http://www.massensemble.com/ just finished a four-day stint at the Lexington (KY) Idea Festival http://www.ideafestival.com/. I saw three of their public outdoor performances that included the use of their long-string installation they call the Earth Harp.�

MakeZine.com: Volume 04: Music
Cool holiday kit reviews, build a cigar box guitar, circuit bending, high-speed flash photography, coffee hacks, and lots of DIY music projects.

Software -- ixi-software.net : experimental music software
Strange little audio programs, for Windows and Mac, which do odd things like chop up sound into pieces and make them into weirdy burbly things...

PAiA: Hall of Fame
Probably the coolest thing about PAiA is the people who build our designs - but with a twist. They tweak and mod; their creativity and resourcefulness are truly amazing. Here are some photos and site links of PAiA-philes who have made our products their own.

audun eriksen
Making music with bumble bees, and making music with ice

Wish Bass
We want to make you a Custom Electric Bass for less than you would pay for an entry level factory bass. How can we do this? It's simple; we use honest woods and honest sweat and make an honest profit.

Tune Toys
This is a collection of web-based algorithmic composition toys, written by Tim Thompson. All of them make use of the KeyKit programming language for processing and producing MIDI music. The source code for most of the tools is viewable from each tool's page.

Yunsheng paper strip movement (music box)
It is not easy to make a cylinder or disc musical box.  The only easy way is to take a paper strip musical box.

Sci-Fi Hi-Fi: Beatles Christmas Records
If you were fortunate enough to have been a member of the official Beatles fan club between 1963 and 1969, then you likely have heard one or more of these records. The Beatles recorded them and sent them out to their adoring fans every year, finally collecting them all on one album for the 1970 edition. Now rare and quite pricey to obtain, these seldom heard recordings offer a rare glimpse of the fabs at their funniest.

Play The Piano Anywhere
This ideal lightweight portable roll-up piano, made in China, is the ideal electronic instrument for everyone. With the most advanced sound technology available in a piano keyboard this portable, you can learn to play without investing on bulky, costly, traditional style keyboards, and enjoy the ability to play whenever and wherever you choose!�

DavidByrne.com - Art - Playing the Building
Playing the building is a sound installation in which the infrastructure, the physical plant of the building, is converted into a giant musical instrument. Devices are attached to the building structure %u2014 to the metal beams and pillars, the heating pipes, the water pipes %u2014 and are used to make these things produce sound. The activations will be of three types: wind, vibration, striking. The devices do not produce sound themselves, but they cause the building elements to vibrate, resonate and oscillate so that the building itself becomes a very large musical instrument.

The Machines. A group of electric motors who play electric guitars.
The Machines are a group of electric motors who play electric guitars.

The Desktop Theremin
A theremin you can play with your computer's mouse! With a backing orchestra! For PC or Mac!

American Mavericks: Harry Partch's Instruments
By 1969, the year he recorded "Delusion of the Fury," Harry Partch had designed 27 new instruments, all to be played on stage at the same time in a spatial ritual theater. These instruments were made to be beautiful in sound, vision, and "magical purpose." They were tuned according to the natural overtone series, "Just Intonation" Some, like the Chromelodeon, had as many as 43 tones in a single "octave." He made particular instruments for specific needs in his compositions, not the other way around. But, more than this, he designed the instruments to be "corporeal." To Partch, corporeal meant to involve the whole body, the whole person in the art. Play the Virtual Harry Partch Instruments Below you can play the Partch instruments, listen to Partch explain each instrument, and hear musical examples.

The Hyperdrum Materials: Solid wood glue-faceted shell, coated aluminum optical mouse pad, guitar strings, AMD Athlon "Slot" CPU and Heatsink, 2 piezo transducers, cat-5 wiring, foam.

It's Too Damn Early
"ITDE" is broadcast weekly from WDBX 91.1FM, a not-for-profit community radio station serving Southern Illinois. "ITDE" features experimental, electroacoustic, improvisational, ambient, and other "difficult" music of all types. "ITDE" airs Saturday mornings, from 4 - 6:30 a.m., with your host, DaveX. "ITDE" is one crucial step in the ongoing proof that underground music CAN make a difference, and WILL reach the general public, without the traditional music "industry".

Eric Leonardson (Springboard)
Eric Leonardson is an electroacoustic composer, radio artist, sound designer, instrument inventor and improvisor.

Periodical Cicadas (Magicicada Septendecim)
Field recordings of 17-year Periodical Cicadas (Magicicada Septendecim) near Shepherdstown, WV. Recorded during the summer months of 2004.

Sudden Sound
Features "The Traveler's Guise to Unusual Musicks" as well as Greg Bossert's Suddensound Studios.

Why Birds Sing - A Journey Into the Mystery of Bird Song
This site advertises David Rothenberg's book/CD, including some wonderful sound samples of improvisations recorded in the US National Aviary along with birds.

Homebrew pipe organ
With my nonexistent music abilities, and my limited budget, I couldn't justify buying myself a little Casio synthesizer or something like that. The only way I could justify owning a musical instrument was if I actually BUILT it.

The project is to explore new forms expression in interactive media by creating open, audio-tactile art installations. They call their installations musical fields.

indian violin, sarangi
To the ear of the western violin player Indian music, and perhaps the Indian violin in particular, is one of the most exotic and mysterious of sounds. And this is not merely superficial, for the more closely you examine the complexity and discipline of the Indian Classical tradition, the more mysterious and baffling it becomes.

The hulusi (which means "gourd silk", referring to the instrument's silky tone) or huluxiao (translating roughly as "gourd vertical flute") is an end-blown free reed pipe with gourd windchest.

tore honoré bøe [the acoustic laptops]
the homemade acoustic 'laptops' A selection of wood boxes with various tiny objects attached; springs, stones, metal, rubber, string, needles, memorabilia - amplified by old-school contact mikes and pick-ups.

Trundlebox encourages the creation of experimental musical instruments and the diverse sonic landscape they generate. Trundlebox is dedicated to musical exploration.

Sandhya - female Indian singer
Play the tanpura online!

welkom op danibal's site. mondharpist, zanger van met tuiten.

Jon Rose
Violin music, new music, bowed music, improvised music, fence music, string music, interactive computer music, satirical music, web

The Muse at Sunset
I am a classically trained composer and pianist living in Chapel HIll, NC. I live out in the country with my wife "B", a horse, a dog, and a couple of cats.

WolframTones: Generate a Composition


Music and Nature: A Natural History of Listening
Welcome to Music and Nature, a place to explore the living world through sound and discover how our evolving understanding of natural processes has influenced the idea of music.

SignalDecay: Field Recordings of Industry
signaldecay the true sound of industry

I made a set of six hand-cranked instruments for the Garden of Memory event. There is a mount for a contact microphone (piezo) on the back of each one, so it can be amplified. Each has a hand-crank in the middle, and all but the Spring Board Hand Crank have a feather-spine that acts as a plectrum that rotates when the hand-crank is cranked. As the plectrum rotates, it plucks something that vibrates and is amplified.

Wakeup Call
A US-based project which lets you book a telephone wake-up call which will play some art down the phone to you...

Ingrid Karklins.....Oceans on Oceans
She's moved more towards poetry in recent years, but her music is still available, and is quite lovely (and certainly odd in a Kate Bush-ian way).

American Musical Saw Site
Buying a Musical saw | How to play the Musical saw | Resources

Get LoFi
Circuit Bending and Synth building blog for beginners and pros alike. Featuring Circuit Bending resources that include: Tips, images, audio, and video. The lowdown on my new instruments, Glitch art, Minimalist ideas, electronic music, etc

Konono N°1
KONONO N°1 was founded over 25 years ago by Mingiedi, a virtuoso of the likembé (a traditional instrument sometimes called "sanza" or "thumb piano", consisting of metal rods attached to a resonator). The band's line-up includes three electric likembés (bass, medium and treble), equipped with hand-made microphones built from magnets salvaged from old car parts, and plugged into amplifiers. There's also a rhythm section which uses traditional as well as makeshift percussion (pans, pots and car parts), three singers, three dancers and a sound system featuring these famous megaphones.

The Glenn Gould De-Vocalizer 2000
Now you can listen to Glenn Gould recordings without the extraneous humming and singing OR add your own with the included microphone. Great for dinner parties!!!

Electric Upright Bass
Welcome at Ebass.nl, a site with information about electric upright basses! I started with this site during the construction of my own electric electric double bass.

RoboRecital: Brendan Adamson, Composer
RoboRecital, a concert of mechanical music presented by composer J. Brendan Adamson, will include no human performers. It will instead feature four automated instruments: GuitarBot, a self-playing guitar; an automated fifty-seven rank pipe organ; a Yamaha Disklavier, a modern player piano; and ModBots, a collection of robotic percussion instruments.

"He plucks that banjo like a madman, like the devil himself." -New York Press

Different Drums of Ireland
Different Drums brings the indigenous drums of Ireland, the Lambeg and the Bodhran together for the first time ever in performance. The musics enjoy parity of celebration.

Oblique Strategies
The deck itself had its origins in the discovery by Brian Eno that both he and his friend Peter Schmidt (a British painter whose works grace the cover of "Evening Star" and whose watercolours decorated the back LP cover of Eno's "Before and After Science" and also appeared as full-size prints in a small number of the original releases) tended to keep a set of basic working principles which guided them through the kinds of moments of pressure - either working through a heavy painting session or watching the clock tick while you're running up a big buck studio bill. Both Schmidt and Eno realized that the pressures of time tended to steer them away from the ways of thinking they found most productive when the pressure was off. The Strategies were, then, a way to remind themselves of those habits of thinking - to jog the mind.

The Melloman - DIY Mellotron
This is my interpretation of the Mellotron, a classic instrument invented in the 1960s. It was one of the first sample players, and was used by The Beatles, and countless psychedelic and prog bands. The Mellotron played strips of tape to emulate flutes, strings, choirs, orchestras, etc. The flutes at the beginning of Strawberry Fields are a good example of the Mellotron. My version, The Melloman, uses Walkmans and cassette tapes to play original Mellotron samples, or whatever cassette tapes you want to put in. Inside the box, there are 14 continuously running Walkmans mounted side by side. The first Walkman is designated for drums, and the next 13 provide sampled loops for 25 notes.

Crackle - Michel Waisvisz
Michel Waisvisz is a composer/performer of live electronic music, who has developed new ways to achieve physical touch with electronic music instruments. Sometimes this is done by literally touching the electricity inside the instruments and thereby becoming a thinking component of the machine.

Christmas Steam Whistles Tradition - York Daily Record
Sitting in his sport utility vehicle with the windows open wide, Reed Quickel watched the puffs of steam billow out of the mammoth brick building. Sitting there beaming, his family finally hearing what the York Township man couldn 019t aptly describe: The howling, haunting music of a steam whistle echoing through the downtown. The memories, the tradition.

The Stratifier
a multi-dimensional controller for the performance of live electro-acoustic music



Art Guitars by Phil Sylvester
Instruments with character, great sound and unforgettable looks. Combining a love of art and a passion for guitars, Phil Sylvester creates objects that are stunning - both visually and audibly.

Tubotonia's washtub bass page
Welcome to Tubotonia's Washtub Bass Page. It's a focal point and clearinghouse for information on all aspects of the WTB-- who plays one, where to hear one, how to make one, and so on.

and/OAR catalog
environmental recordings and/more

Cigar Box Guitars, Homemade Instruments and the Wisconsin Lumberjack Tradition
Throughout Wisconsin's history, traditional music has been an important element in communities. In Wisconsin's north woods during the logging boom of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, fiddle tunes, button accordions and ballads of brave lumberjacks were among the only entertainments available to the men in the isolated lumber camps. When musical instruments were scarce in the logging camps, the lumberjacks used their ingenuity to craft some very playable guitars, fiddles, dulcimers and basses. Of course, cigar boxes were used in many of these, but the designs were well advanced including guitars with full scale necks, six strings and frets.

Experimental electronics: noise, drones, field recordings, found sound, vinyl manipulation, processed guitars and more.

In recognition of the pioneering experimental works continually being produced by artists for the internet Soundtoys.net has been established to provide a space for the exhibition of exciting new works by a growing community of audio visual artists, while also providing a forum for discourse around new technologies and the nature of soundtoys.

The homepage of the oddmusic discussion list. Very very odd instruments, whether prehistoric, futuristic, homemade or found...

Unusual Musics
Guide to finding unusual musicks, wherever you may be in the world

S.a.m.p.l.F.u.x.a's Collected Noises
S.a.m.p.l.F.u.x.a's Noisy X-Periments I keep the sounds that others throw away... Aeolian Harps, Wind Chimes...

J. Louie - The Sound of Seismic
The links below present examples of earth sounds recorded by seismometers. Seismometers are different from microphones and hydrophones in that they are sensitive to lower frequencies than people can hear, and they record a single direction of ground vibration.

I work with kenetic sculptures. They are controled by microcomputers and play music. Some of them are Insects. This is the "RYTMOBILE" my big mechanic orchestra.

Sudden Sound Workshop: waterharp
This instrument was inspired by Richard A Water's Waterphone. Richard's instruments are far more sophisticated, using stainless steel and metal rods instead of strings; they are both astounding noise makers and visual works of art. A glance at my waterharp betrays its hardware store origins. The base is a large mixing bowl, about 15in in diameter and 6in deep. The vertical post is a 36in length of 1/4in threaded iron rod.

don sallo: this is dechnical
This is the very random website of Don Sallo, creator of amazing analogue synths that are so complex they're almost organic living creatures... Check out the Din Datin Dudero at least.

The Art and Craft of Building Marimbas: Part 1: Wood Selection by Stephen Golovnin
Part 1: Wood Selection

Mike Tamburo
Mike Tamburo has been a member of the Pittsburgh avant garde music scene as an integral part of crystalline drumless drone rock structures of Meisha and the more-free flowing ethnic apocalypse music of Arco Flute Foundation, as well as countless spontaneous performances and post-gathering improv sessions.

Realtime Fourier synthesis in Microsoft Excel!
The following Excel application will allow you to synthesize sounds. Just play with the sliders and enjoy what is happening. Mathematically speaking the sliders control the amplitudes of the overtones of the base frequency.

Music Education Products by Phil Tulga
Homemade Musical Instrument Packages

Large Hot Pipe Organ
The Large Hot Pipe Organ is the world's only MIDI controlled, propane powered explosion organ.

muziekdozen - Moniek Darge - music boxes
These alternative music boxes are telling a poetical audio-visual story, with tiny sounds, subtile light reflexions and a little liberating kitsch or humour as ingredients.

ChaOs and Granular Synthesis
Chaosynth - A Cellular Automata-based Granular Synthesiser by Eduardo Reck Miranda

The music and amazing instruments of Nick Crump
He is frequently referred to as "following in the footsteps of Gerard Hoffnung", being a versatile musician with a flair for inventing unusual new instruments. The first one to grab the attention of the unsuspecting public, was the boghorn.

tommy birchett
He does weird things with record decks and such things. You know, scratching and the like...

Halaka: The Anti-Music Makes you forget every other song you've ever heard. Until you hear it again. Then you remember every other song you've ever heard, all at once. And your brain implodes.

Sue Harding - Dot Matrix
Using the dulcet tones of an Epson LX850, an NEC Pinwriter P7300 and two Epson LQ 400s, Harding has set up these four dot matrix printers to print simultaneously, and then recorded the sounds that they produce. There's a surprising amount of harmony generated by this setup, with the low hum of the larger printer providing the baritone line, the bump and judder of the printer carriage moving back and forth creating a "drumtrack", and the high squeal of the smaller printers providing a melody line.

||| STRINGSTATION ||| experimental music with a 40-stringed new musical instrument Stringstation by Jim Bartz 3D gallery and 3d art.Stringed instruments, new musical instrument, experimental music, new instrument
This site is about Surround Sound experimental music and evolving new music with stringed instruments.

Homepage Rasta Robert


MPF (stands for MPeg Fucker) is a small shell script that does just what the name says: it fucks MP3 audio files. And what's more, it does so by using a silly but effective process: it converts the MP3 file into text, messes the text file, and then it switches it back to MP3, with the obvious audio transformation. There are two versions, with slightly different output. MPF is available in lazy-MacOSX-friendly mode (clickable *.command script) and simple-Unix-general script flavor. Feel free to edit, improve, etc.
http://www.runme.org/project/ mpf/

David Vorhaus and the Kaleidophon
Although David Vorhaus started out as a classical bass player working with symphony orchestras, a chance encounter plus his background as a physics graduate and electronic engineer steered him inexorably in the direction of electronic music. "I guess it started around 30 years ago when I met Brian Hodgson and Delia Derbyshire, who were then in a band called Unit Delta Plus," he recalls.

Magnetic pickups
Anarchestra's informative tutorial about his method of making DIY electromagnetic pickups...

Gamelan & Flash-Monkey C...
Play the bonang, the saron, the slentom or the gongs in a shockwave flash movie

The Waterphone
The Waterphone was invented and is patented by Richard Waters (pat.#3896696). Each instrument is unique and made to order. Richard personally makes, tunes, signs and dates each Waterphone. The sound of the Waterphone has been compared to the haunting melodies of the Humpback Whale and voices from inner/outer space. Waterphones have been described as acoustic synthesizers, Waterharps, a musical %u201CAladdin's Lamp%u201D, and %u201CWhalephones%u201D.

Captured! By Robots
Let me (DRMBOT 0110) tell you. JBOT played in a couple of ska bands, Skankin' Pickle and the Blue Meanies for years and was very unlikable. Everybody got sick of him (I don't blame them). JBOT thought that if he made a band of robots to play with everything would be okay. HE WAS WRONG! He built GTRBOT666 and myself and the idiotic Ape Which Hath No Name. After he built us, I decided that he was the antibot and must be punished. We installed a Biocerebral Chip in his CPU and now force him to humiliate himself in front of his peers. It makes me so happy to see him suffer.

Welcome to DanTranh.com! You are entering a world of enchanting musical instruments. Our objective is to introduce to you some of the most exotic and enchanting musical instruments in the world. For 2005 and 2006, we are introducing 2 musical instruments from the Far East: Dan Tranh and Dan Bau.

Includes an experimental radio broadcast, and some unusual compositions and instruments.

Tromba marina
A tromba marina (or trumpet marine) is probably one of the more unusual instruments that was ever invented. Fantastic as it may seem, it is a legitimate instrument, and enjoyed a brief Golden Age in the first half of the eighteenth century. The tromba marina's innocent ancestor was the monochord, a single stringed instrument used in medieval monasteries to rediscover the physics of sound, and later to find pitches (the functional precursor to the piano, in that respect). At some point, the monochord acquired the tromba marina's most distinctive feature: a vibrating bridge. When played with a bow, the vibration of the string causes one foot of the bridge to vibrate against the soundboard, creating a brassy buzz. Add to this the fact that you play high harmonics on the long string, and you've got yourself a trumpet. Almost. It truly has to be heard to be believed.

Balloon Drums : What is a Balloon Drum?
The balloon drum is a simple and exciting musical instrument made by stretching a non-inflated round balloon over a pot or bowl. The sound each drum makes varies depending on the size of the container, the material it is made of, and the sizes and brands of balloons that are used. You can inexpensively assemble your own individualized balloon-drum set simply by picking up three or four different-sized bowls or pots on a trip to the thrift store.

Howard Pink & His Musical Garden Hoses
The kid's can't take their eyes off him - his wild brown hair, bushy gold eyebrows, handle-bar mustache, his brownish-gray beard and vibrating/buzzing lips. It's "Howard Pink and His Musical Garden Hoses" or "Everything You Wanted to Know About the French Horn but Were Afraid to Ask".

Reed Ghazala's Anti-Theory Workshop
Website of Q Reed Ghazala, the inventor, perhaps, of circuit-bending...

The Brain People The Brain People The Brain People The Brain People The Brain People The Brain People The Brain People The Brain People The Brain People The Brain People The Brain People The Brain People
The Brain People - A web theatre

120 Years of Electronic Music
"Electronic Musical Instrument 1870 - 1990" - an excellently-presented list of important synthesisers throughout this historical period. Featuring your old favourites the ondes-martenot, theremin, korg, moog, and lots and lots more lovely things to look at.

Triadex Muse Simulator
The Muse Simulator is a MIDI sequence generator. It takes a few parameters from its front panel controls and generates a series of MIDI note on and note off messages. It also sends program change messages. MIDI Device and Channel number can be selected. For a more accurate simulation of the original, the Simulator can also produce square waves.

Planetary Sounds
The Planetary Society, creators of the Mars Microphone, has teamed up with the European Space Agency and the Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument team to release the sounds recorded by the Huygens probe during its harrowing descent through Titan's atmosphere.

footoo mp3 smasher
footoo mp3 smasher for Mac OSX and other UN*X flavors footoo is a simple tool for making a new mp3 by stealing bits of other mp3s. it is based on foofoofoo from imbecil.net. i modified it to be much much faster by caching mp3 locations. i also added options for the size of the smashed chunks and for the number of passes it takes through all the mp3s. for example, you can set ChunkSize to 2 to get very small pieces of your source mp3s, and then set Passes to 5 to get a longer final mp3.

Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
The Stanford University Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics is a multi-disciplinary facility where composers and researchers work together using computer-based technology both as an artistic medium and as a research tool.

Mint box buffer circuit - a pre-amp for piezo pickups
Piezo pickups are definitely useful, but they have one really serious problem: Impedance matching. Often enough I've done sound for musicians with just this problem, so I finally ended up building a few very simple, very cheap buffer boxes that I could carry in my bag and even sell cheaply if a musician wanted to have one. It runs off a 9 volt battery, uses a single FET (field effect transistor) and a few other parts, and can be mounted inside one of those little tin mint boxes.

nonoctave.com: heroes: buzz kimball
Buzz Kimball is a composer and instrument designer living a quiet life in rural New Hampshire. His thought-provoking articles on instrument design and craftsmenship have been featured in Experimental Musical Instruments. Over the years he has created a remarkable and extensive variety of stringed and struck instruments, both acoustic and amplified. He is a member of Ivor Darreg's Xenharmonic Alliance and visited with Ivor in 1981. His record label, Novosonic, carries his numerous CDs.

NAMM Oddities 2005
An amazing collection of odd instruments, as presented at the "National Association for Music Merchants" show. Guitars, basses, electronics, and more...

ORQUESTRE.OGRE La révolution silencieuse est en marche: Le Commando Anti-bruit #2 a eu lieu: Vendredi 11 fevrier, Forum des Halles, niv-3, 19h. Infos precises et bilan.

Avantgarde Music
The pages on new age, electronic and ambient musicians were mostly written in Italian before 1995 (and appeared in my 1996 book "Encyclopedia", long out of print). The pages on avantgarde musicians (written after 1996) are all in English.

Elemental Design - Unique Mallet Percussion
Marimbas, Drums, Mallet Percussion, African Percussion, Small Percussion, Xylophones, Gongs Featuring unusual, hand-made mallet percussion by Jim Doble

The Art of the Creative Short Circuit
The original article by Q Reed Ghazala, describing the process & invention of "circuit bending".

Sonic Boom
Makes lovely music on vintage analogue synthesisers. He does it much better than many others...

Roil Noise - Flash Stuff
Online Flash simulation of a circuit-bent Speak & Spell toy...
http://www.roilnoise.com/flash stuff.htm

Noodle is an attempt to create a form that allows a musician to make a piece of music that could be reinterpreted by a player/listener to create something like a live experience.

Einstuerzende Neubauten's instruments
The first one, "aircake", is a device which is placed on a spinning turntable and then blown using a jet of compressed air, so all the different-sized cavities make different noises as they whizz past. The "bass spring" makes a beautiful bass-drum-like noise as well as other noises depending on what you do to it. The band makes an excellent noise...

Guitar-sitars, theremins and a uboingi
Guitar-sitars, theremins and a uboingi

austraLYSIS and Soma Arts
austraLYSIS and SOMA ARTS Creating, performing and publishing new sound and intermedia arts

RP COLLIER: tilting@windmills
This album is music created mainly with experimental thumb pianos (kalimbas), broken guitars, and toy keyboards. The sounds range from unprocessed to multi-processed through various effect chains and computer software. There is a special emphasis on harmonics, distortion, and texture within the subtle discourse of background and foreground.

Whistling & Humming - Rounds Upon Good King Wenceslas
Ladies and Gentlemen, would you please welcome the only person we have ever come across who can whistle and hum two different tunes at the same time... and not only that, he can perform canons, inverted canons, canons in augmentation, and heaps of other two part counterpoint tricks at the same time.


Singing Sand Dunes: The Mystery of Desert Music
If you've never heard a sand dune rumble, listen up. Marco Polo in the 13th Century said the singing sands -- which he ascribed to evil desert spirits -- "at times fill the air with the sounds of all kinds of musical instruments, and also of drums and the clash of arms." Yes, certain sand dunes will occasionally let out a loud, low-pitch rumble that lasts up to 15 minutes and can be heard up to 6 miles (10 kilometers) away. Some dunes are known to do it regularly, even daily. But why?

Boing Boing: Turning books into ukuleles
Peter and Dana Thomas turn books into playable ukuleles.

Gurdonark's Eerie Exchange Prairie Park at Archive.org
eerie prairie dark ambience, exchange park found music, and synthesized electro-melody from the grassland transition zones

Symphonic House: David Hanawalt & Bill Close
Musical Instruments taken out of context in performance still remain beautiful objects of formal composition and objects of the highest skill in craftsmanship. Returned to performance, the objects in the hands of the performer transcend beauty and time and speak instead to the Nature of the Universe.

World Instrument Gallery
Welcome to our gallery of world musical instruments. Below you will find a growing number of instruments that form part of Randy Raine-Reusch's collection. There are a few instruments that are displayed that are in collections by other world musicians in the Vancouver, Canada area as well.

The Jim Patchell DIY Analog Synthesizer Webpage
I have been building my own analog synthesizers since 1974.  I originally started building the circuits that John Simonton (Paia) published in radio electronics, and I started right in on trying to improve on them.

"raudio" 24/7 art stream
Park's Raudio 24/7 one-audio-thing-mainstream is an eclectic mix of pure sound selected from contributions by musicians, anti-musicians, artists, non-artists, sound-designers and -undesigners from all over the globe.

Classical Guitar & Unique Mandolins
Classical Guitar & Unique Mandolins by Gregg Miner

Musical Composition
Play a selection of musical instruments online

The Virtual Theremin
The Theremin is a musical instrument that uses the positions of the performers hands to create sound. The Virtual Theremin aims to mimic the Theremin using just a computer and a cheap web camera. It tracks the hands of a performer, using image processing techniques, around a picture of a Theremin superimposed on the video stream. The positions of the hands are then converted to sound that mimics the response of the Theremin.

do it yourself ultramodern loops
lock groove records sampled and made available as a website...

Genomic Dub Collective
We aim to create a new musical genre, Genomic Dub, that celebrates recent successes in the field of genomics and evolutionary biology. We also aim to highlight common threads that link current scientific, artistic and social issues with the past (e.g. the Darwins' involvement in the anti-slavery movement), and to explore the potential for encoding macromolecular (protein and DNA) sequence data into dub music.

Among the interesting things this man has done is an entire album of ruining things.

foofoofoo - MP3 mangler
Mash up your MP3s into a silly bizarre "musique concrete" epic!

Getting Started with the Touch Technique
How to play your guitar "two-handed" - don't fret with one hand and strum with the other, play a note with each finger!

making odd music: 2005: evolutionary sound generation 2004: scaffo 2004: the electronic triangle 2004: the alien in the park 2003: the dan bau 2002: the tin can bass 2002: my track for the oddmusic.com compilation my...

NPR : The Sounds of the Tennessee Music Box
Over 100 years ago, farming communities in middle Tennessee produced a folk instrument unique to the area. Similar to a dulcimer, the instrument -- called a Tennessee music box -- had a crude appearance but a rich, full tone.

Automatons by Godfried-Willem Raes
[Musical] Automatons

Toby's Pronteon Webthing
Wasting people's time and bandwidth since maybe sometime around early mid 1998.

Mangum Pottery: Instruments
Ceramic Instruments These fine art instruments are mostly handbuilt raku combined with various hardwoods. Rob is currently focused on the fiddles and banjos, but is always interested in an invented instrument project.
http://www.mangumpottery.com/Pages folder/Instruments.html

welcome to bXyg crXgYty oArXcHsTxRa
The "big city orchestra" - all kinds of mad stuff in here, just try it out... I can't describe it and there's no "about" page I'm afraid...

Nord Modular G2 Demo
Experience the Nord Modular G2 system at home! Now you will be able to experience the Nord Modular G2 demo software. This software will demonstrate a bit of the power of the Nord Modular G2 hardware system.

The cymbalom is a Hungarian hammer dulcimer, which is traditionally played with two wooden "hammers" which resemble curved chopsticks. Michael Masley plays the Cymbalom with his own invention, a system of eight "bowhammers" and thumbpicks, allowing him to pluck, bow, or strike the strings in any combination, and resulting in a sound wholly his own.

SPECAP Promoting experimental music, composition and performance
We hope to create a database of experimental composers and performers/musicians and other sonic artists that they can use to find each other with.  We also hope to set up venues for them in Iceland (to begin with)

Omnichord - Klangbureau
The Omnichord was designed by the Suzuki Company in the early 80th, to be an electronic autoharp, that would enable anybody to be a musician right away, learning curve about 5 minutes. This is how Suzuki seems to imagine the average Omnichord player ....

Music Thing: The Triadex Muse
At a time when Moog and ARP were selling synths the size of wardrobes that looked like lab equipment and cost tens of thousands of dollars, the Muse was the size of a typewriter. It cost $300 and looked like something Dieter Rams would have designed for Braun in the sixties.

Virtual Gametone Homemade Gamelan Instuments
Play the GameGongs Play the Drone Gambira Play the Large GameChimes

My Homemade Pipe Organ
The following website describes the process of how I designed and am currently building a 5 stop, 5 rank, all wood pipe organ for my house. I'm not an organist and I can barely play piano but I love music, organs and woodworking. Add to that that I'm a mechanical engineer and you have all the ingredients for a project like this.

Interactive Digital Filter Design
Do you like digital filters? This page will help you design them.

strings 4 pleasure
Strings and Accessories for Musical Instruments

Using a complex arrangement of pipes and funnels we turn the junk mail that we receive into a streaming audio broadcast that can be enjoyed from anywhere on the Internet.

The Mayan Pyramid - David Lubman
Handclaps evoke chirped echoes from the staircases of the Pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza. The physics of the chirped echo can be explained quite simply as periodic reflections from stepfaces. But until now, no one has bothered to do so.What is very interesting is that the chirped echo sounds arguably like the primary call of the Mayan sacred bird, the resplendent Quetzal.

FontanaMixer (2004)
FontanaMixer generative sound environment after "Fontana Mix" (1958) by John Cage Commissioned by the festival WIEN MODERN 2004

The PAiA Gnome
"While it started out as purely an electronic instrument to make wind sounds, the Gnome turned into one of the smallest, most portable analog synthesizers ever manufactured."

The solarfon is an instrument that creates audible tones from sunlight. This is possible due to concentration of the sunlight and that simple acoustical principals beeing applied. When the largest solarfon is set in position and is sounding can the tones be heard at a distance of approximately 100 meters if the conditions are right.

Ruccas.org is a Wiki for unconventional computer and electronic artists. This includes artists working with generative and algorithmic techniques, databending and circuitbending, net art, robotics, et cetera. It also includes information about such topics as well.

Audiopad is a composition and performance instrument for electronic music which tracks the positions of objects on a tabletop surface and converts their motion into music.

I've tried my hand at various forms of expression but my primary joy in life is working with sound. Though I have some background with traditional instruments I tend to prefer working with unconventional sound sources, particularly those that are normally overlooked. Typically my raw material consists of homemade instruments, found objects, and field recordings. I feel that these sounds have stories to tell, and I try to help that happen while telling my own stories through the process.

harshnoise.com - effect pedals and music equipment for noise
Harshnoise.com contains information, pictures and reviews of musical equipment that might appeal to musicians who don't play common styles of music... like noise!

Anarchestra is a group (over sixty) of instruments (built by Alex Ferris), the people who play them, and the socio-musical ideas that inform their playing. The instruments are predominantly steel with a few adapted parts, such as tuning machines and mouthpieces. The instruments were built to encourage non-musicians to explore the making of sound, to allow experienced musicians to make sound unconstricted by their technical habits and preconceptions, and to provide an alternative vocabulary of musical sounds.

These tracks were recorded at different times in early-mid 2004 and represent mostly pure improvisational jams with Gene Jun (formerly of Idiot Flesh) and Jan Jackson (Motherbug, Frypan, Beth Custer Ensemble).

Film Sound Design - Film Sound Theory
Learning Space dedicated to the Art and Analyses of Film Sound Design

Invented Instruments Series
Over the 2005/2006 fall-to-spring series, I'll be hosting an informal series of concerts focusing on inventors of unusual musical instruments. The shows are being held irregularly at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco, 21 Grand Gallery in Oakland, and possibly other venues.

Stone Marimbas (Lithophones) by Elemental Design
Stone's inherently low vibration gives it an unusual timbre not found in other marimbas. The lowest notes are gutsy and rich in overtones, the higher notes are sharp and clear, while all are surprisingly resonant.



High Zero Festival of Experimental Improvised Music
Baltimore's HIGH ZERO Festival is one of the largest and most radical festivals of improvised music in the country, bringing together an amazing group of players each year for all-new collarboations, united united in their wil-to-experiment and desire to cross boundaries into the unknown.

Olds Alto Horn
This strange instrument may not fall into a category of brass wind instruments as it is not brass, nor is it a wind instrument as such. It was made in Germany and apparently called a "Schmael".

Deafness in Disguise: Concealed Hearing Devices of the 19th and 20th Centuries
Deafness in Disguise: Concealed Hearing Devices of the 19th and 20th Centuries

Bamboo Saxophones
The best and most professional natural saxophones made in Argentina, using bamboo, gourds, coconuts and horns.

FolkUrban Music
Excellent website with great projects for cheap home-made instruments - from the $12 ukelele to the electronic synthstick...

Eigenradio - The top 20 singular values all day, every day!
Eigenradio makes its optimal music by analyzing in real time dozens of radio stations at once. When our bank of computers has heard enough music, it will go to work on making more just like it. Since we listen to so much music all the time, Eigenradio is always on and always live. What you hear on Eigenradio is the best of the New Music, distilled and de-correlated. One song on Eigenradio is worth at least twenty songs on old radio.

Contact mics and other hardware - available from Experimental Musical Instruments
Experimental Musical Instruments now carries both contact pickups and electro-magnetic pickups for amplifying musical instruments.

Transmusic: Cellular Automaton Music
Music generated with the mathemagick of Cellular Automata

The League of Experimental Musical Urban Robots
LEMUR is a Brooklyn-based group of artists and technologists developing robotic musical instruments. Founded in 2000 by musician and engineer Eric Singer, LEMUR's philosophy is to build robotic instruments that "play themselves." In LEMUR designs, the robots are the instruments.

Tromba Marina - A Study in Organology
The tromba marina has had a long history of abuse, even while commonly in use. And following the death of its only significant virtuoso (M. Jean-Baptiste Prin, 1650-1742) it was relegated to the indignities of obscurity, finally to come to rest in storage in Cheshire farm houses and among museum curiosities.

FeedBack Concert Series
The FeedBack Concert Series is a monthly event at the University City Arts League. This series highlights musical artists performing new or seldom heard works. FeedBack focuses on electronic and experimental music but is open to a wide range of musical styles and talents from classical to folk; from jazz to rock; from blues to pop as well as musically-based performance art pieces.

A blog featuring news and interesting projects related to "all things synth"...

Gathering forward-thinking underdog musicians, artists, writers and performers.

Seymour's Q and A
These are questions and answers culled from ten years of Seymour's "Pickup Questions" column in Vintage Guitar magazine compiled here for your enjoyment and reference. This is a partial list, to which we will be adding more questions and answers over the next few weeks.

MIDI Bagpipes are everywhere!
As 25 January is Burn's night (the Scottish celebration of their national poet, featuring haggis, poetry and bagpipes) it seems an appropriate time to hail the surprisingly common MIDI bagpipe.

Musica Mecanica: Bouteillophone
This instrument is a carillon which uses 8 bottles instead of bells. It was built with Meccano pieces by M. Roger Charnoud, from Lyon (France).

Soft Explosive, Hard Embrace
The sound sculpture was composed by Phillip Beauvoir and John Redhead in shape-shifting dialogue in North Wales in 1998. Composed entirely from sounds recorded at Dinorwic quarry, the piece was created with source material gathered digitally by John Redhead and morphed into sound sculpture together with SpongeBrain.

Another Part Of The Forest
Leafish from the Another Part of the Forest is a collection of electronic music in a peaceful close-up style. Here are forest acoustics and psychedelic sounds- soft organ tones with spacey effects. Chi Allen is a lifetime musician behind a computer in west Wales working against disability to produce free music for everyone.

This is the first realisation of a device with Resonant Neuron Synthesis, called the "Resonator Neuronium". The Resonator Neuronium has 6 analog resonant neurons. The net parameters can be programmed by the lefthand structure in form of a hexagon by use of knobs, buttons and LEDs.

A man with car horns all over his body plays classical hits
A man with car horns all over his body plays classical hits...

Pickup Workshop (Cigar Box Guitars)
Basically, a magnetic pickup is a magnet with wire wrapped around it. The two ends of the wire connect to an output jack. Real simple. Any kind of magnet and any kind of thin copper wire will work. Just make sure you sand off any insulation on the ends of the wire, so you get a good connection with the output jack. The voodoo comes in when you want to get a certain sound, or reproduce a certain sound of a certain vintage pickup.

Gages Page
Low-Tech FUN STUFF! Things you are likely to find here are... Mechanical Gallery! lots of pictures! Musical Thingies new instruments! kites machines musical thingies NEW!! didgeridoo handmade rubber stamps tinnitus(not fun!)

Fancier Ribbon Controller
How to make quite a fancy ribbon controller for controlling synthesisers...

Doctor Oakroot - bluesman
Unsatisfied with the ordinary, Oakroot's been making his own music on his own homemade instruments ever since he was a kid. Mostly string instruments, and, recently, mostly cigar box guitars

The Lost Ballroom

History of Asian Free-Reed Instruments: The Sheng


The Extensible Toy Piano Project
It has a deceptively simple mechanism--plastic hammers hitting steel rods. Yet, the toy piano produces a rich and quirky sound palette. John Cage brought the instrument from a treasured plaything to a bona fide musical instrument with his Suite for Toy Piano (1948). Our aim is to bring the instrument into the 21st Century. To that end, we're offering the electroacoustic composition community a complete set of high quality recordings of a classic Schoenhut upright toy piano.To encourage the creation of electroacoustic compositions that use both live and pre-recorded toy piano, we're sponsoring a composition competition. The project will culminate in a festival in November 2005 with concerts that will feature the winning compositions, and a symposium.

Chain Tape Collective
The CT Collective was originally started by Michael Klobuchar as a chain tape group; that is, as a group whose members recorded music by mailing a master tape throughout the United States and Europe. The finished tape was then cleaned up and distributed to the members as a CD. No one got paid for any of this, and the organization, mastering, and mailing of our collaborative projects was done by members who volunteered their time and resources. Since then, we've started to do more than one project at a time, and we've also decided to streamline the recording process by having people simply mail their contributions to the person mastering the project. After this stage, copies go out to other people who have volunteered to duplicate CDs and distribute them to the contributors and to other interested parties.

Welcome to Bing Bang Bong
The core concept behind Bingbangbong (B3) is to use sound in a manner which is aesthetically pleasing, developmental or explorative, inherent in this are sculpture, music and design. A unique focus of B3 is the use of sound in the external environment but also design for interior spaces. I am equally content to design for a hotel lobby as I am for children's payground, to design artifacts that sound by themselves or those that require interaction, to provide a soothing soundscape or a performance facility.

PAiA Electronics, Inc
Since 1967PAiA Electronics has worked with leading magazines to provide low cost, high quality, user assembled kits for innovative electronic products. We sell direct to hobbyists, professional musicians, educational institutions and industry.

The Evolutionary Sound System - an experiment in genetic algorithms and computer music :: mcld.co.uk
mcld.co.uk MCLD's music · Oddmusic MCLD is a computer programmer and experimental musician living in Finchley (London). In 2004 he released an album of experimental beatbox music, only minutes before both Tom Waits and Björk did exactly the same thing. MCLD's latest work is his Evolutionary Sound System - created by Darwinian natural selection on individua...

This is the place to learn about and buy the most innovative electric kalimbas on Earth!   My name is David Bellinger and I have been inventing and building kalimbas for 16 years. I have taken the beautifully simple African idea of a "thumb piano" and expanded it with my creativity, craftsmanship, and engineering into a modern electronic instrument.

Todd Reynolds
TODD REYNOLDS (NYC, NY), composer, conductor, arranger and violinist, is a longtime member of Bang On A Can, Steve Reich and Musicians and Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project . His commitment to genre-bending and technology-driven innovation in music has produced innumerable collaborations with artists that regularly cross musical and disciplinary boundaries, regularly placing him in venues from clubs to concert halls around the world.

Lau Brothers Homepage - Welcome!
Through this website, we wish to share with you some of our music experiences and tips of making music. We hope you will find this great benefit and useful. We also look forward to your future visits and supports.;)

Ken Butler's Hybrid Visions
Hybrid string instruments and keyboards

How to build a contact mic (made from a piezo buzzer)
This is one way to put together a contact microphone.  It is not the best way, but the end result is pretty satisfying.  And it doesn't cost much (once you have a soldering iron).

Sound 101 :: The hunt for the worst sound in the world
The hunt for the worst sound in the world

White Noise - David Vorhaus
White Noise - originally a band project, but for 20 years the solo concern of American-born David Vorhaus - has been one of the premier names in innovative electronic music since the late 1960's.

Some amazing studios pictured in this gallery. Lots of keyboards...

The Portland Bike Ensemble
The Portland Bike Ensemble plays free improvised music on amplified bicycles.

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