anatomically korect, by MC Loonee Dan

(for the oddmusic CD)

Anatomically korect MP3 (2.3 mb)

Anatomically korect WAV (20.7 mb) [had to take it down! sorry! not enough disk space...]


The main instrument is the Korg Z3 Guitar Synth, which can be tweaked to turn guitar playing into very strange things. Here the pitch-bends are exaggerated so that one semitone is inflated into one octave's bend, and as a result all the natural little tremulations of guitar notes are completely overinflated. I recorded the sound by miking and contact-miking my amp, then added a couple more tracks (another layer of the Z3 and some more contact mike fun).



DAN lives in London and doesn't recommend it.

likes tea

also vimto

He wants to make music, too much music, all the time, Bjork being a major hero of his. He studied the history and philosophy of science at university and still loves it. He's a bit unsure of what to write in his bio without sounding like a dickhead. His website is