The Molecules of HIV

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An article from "The Molecules of HIV" (c) Dan Stowell

It could be worth trying a kind of immunomodulation therapy to boost the immune response, so that it attacks HIV with enough vigour to succeed. The main problem with trying to boost the human immune response is that the tates">HIV virus's genetic code mutates so much - meaning that the proteins which coat the HIV virus particles are often different from each other. This makes it very difficult for the human immune response to know what to attack.

Still, some parts of HIV molecules stay the same - there are bits of each protein which must stay the same, otherwise the protein wouldn't work. Normally these are hidden from the immune system because they are buried within the protein, or hidden inside the virus particle (meaning the T cells can't "see", or more properly, "feel" these conserved regions).

A similar alternative could be to entice the immune system to recognise HIV...

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Dan Stowell

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