The Molecules of HIV

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"A very accessible resource on information relating to HIV. Well structured and presented in a very readable format. ... Easy to navigate ... Undoubtedly fills a 'gap in the market' for an accessible source of information on the subject. ... An interesting and worthy resource which is worth developing further. ... Clear explanations and diagrams to explain some difficult concepts ... Good explanatory guide to HIV ... excellent user interface ... a very useful, easy to use and comprehensive approach to give an overview of the molecular biology of HIV."
(Extracts from the three reviewers' comments for the second round of the European Academic Software Award - received September 2004)
I am a student taking pathophysiology. I found this site extremely helpful in understanding the immune system and HIV. My book was difficult to understand and didn't have the same pictures. Thanks!
(December 2005)
This is one of the best tutorial sites on any subject that I have come across. Congratulations.
(Dr P Barrett, Oxford University, May 2005)
Fantastic site. I'm a fourth year biotechnology student and your material is so easy to understand and navigate its really helping with an essay i'm writing. At last, science in a language that doesn't need a dictionary!!!!! Thank you so much!!
(February 2005)
This is an excellent website! I'm a 1st year Biochemistry student writing an essay about HIV (which has to be in very very soon...), and I've found more useful information on your site than on the rest of the Internet and all the textbooks I've read combined.
(January 2005)
This is an excellent website and I want to thank you for the effort you put in to set it up. I am new to the immunology and virology field (have a plant genetics background) and I also struggled to get information on the web on the questions that I had. I even had difficulties in finding information about the basics of the field. By only browsing this website you have answered so many of my questions!! Thanks!
(November 2004)
this is the greatest site ever-- a comprehensive presentation of a complex topic in a simple manner! thanks for sharing it to the world!
(November 2004)
Nicely done - thank you!
(September 2004)
Dan, nice site - it's helping me review for a big test on Saturday.
(February 2004)
Please give my thanks to Dan Stowell, whose writing is crystal clear and who gave me the best understanding I've ever had of the HIV virus -- although I've been a medical writer for 25 years and have written about HIV before. Most of the material I find, I have to spend hours "translating" with a dictionary, it's so technical. Thanks for your help, Dan!
(September 2003)

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