The Molecules of HIV

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An article from "The Molecules of HIV" (c) Dan Stowell

CD147 is another cell-surface protein (like CD4 or CD8, or the hundreds of other "CD" proteins).

Recent studies have discovered that CD147 can function as a cell-surface-receptor for cyclophilin A; and since cyclophilin A (a protein that usually sits around inside cells) is incorporated into HIV particles, it seems that the interaction between CD147 and cyclophilin A is important for the infectivity of HIV. In fact, experiments have found that taking CD147 away reduces the ability of HIV to attach and infect new cells.

More information:

  • Pushkarsky,T., Zybarth,G., Dubrovsky,L., Yurchenko,V., Tang,H., Guo,H., Toole,B., Sherry,B., Bukrinsky, M. (2001) CD147 facilitates HIV-1 infection by interacting with virus-associated cyclophilin A Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 98(11): 6360–6365.

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