Mo-ho-bish-o-pi... what can I say? They're my new obsession.
Here's the lowdown:

Martin Bimrose - vocals/guitar/occasional drums
Richard Arnold - drums/vocals/occasional guitar
Mike Carter - bass

They formed in 1996 when they were all studying fine art at Cardiff university, and, although 2 of them are from Leeds and one from Plymouth, they are being labelled as one of the new superstar bands of the Welsh scene. Have yourselves a taster of the interview, as featured in issue 12...........

the mohos' setlist. wow!Richard Arnold, as taken by the photographically-gifted marcus... ((C) marcus)Martin Bimrose, as taken by the photographically-gifted marcus... ((C) marcus) who's the most famous person you've met?
(mb) rolf harris.
(mc) jools holland.
(mb) bill oddie. what's that guy called - big frizzy hair, just had a comeback? - david essex.
(mc & ra) you met david essex?
(mb) yeah - he came in the shop. the beta band, the manics - we know all the super furrys, we know terris - and all the welsh bands; the crocketts, big leaves - we're the starfuckers. i mean star hand-shakers.

steve lamacq quote - he said that you were the 'alternative to the new seriousness' - did you set out on purpose to oppose the more serious wave of music?
(mc) i love that quote.
(ra) we're not really into stuff like radiohead - did he say we were the antithesis of radiohead?
something along those lines. so that's good then?
(mb) yeah, it's cool - we're not a novelty band, we're just as serious as those bands but in a totally different way.
(mc) we don't have to be serious when we play. the emotions will still come across.
(mb) i was saying before that if you want to be political, you can either stand up and shout your political thoughts or you can approach it in a different way. just suggest things and let people conclude for themselves - and that's what we do.

ok - is there any new stuff you can recommend?
(mb) mcklusky, murray the hump - i guess you've heard of the crocketts and all them.

have you had any thoughts on unusual band merchandise?
(all three) visors!
(ra) we've had lighters in the past - and biscuits, they went down well.
(mb) we're gonna try and get some badges with sections of the word mo-ho-bish-o-pi on, so people can make up their own words.

Martin Bimrose, as taken by the photographically-gifted marcus... ((C) marcus)

and ooh look, my review of the Two Tier Water Skier EP, found in issue 10.....