What do we like?

We like these, and we think you should too:

Ooberman: www.ooberman.com
Monkey Steals the Drum: www.monkeystealsthedrum.co.uk
And After the Silence Came the Sound of Nothing: www.afterthesilence.co.uk
Brassy: www.brassy.com
Grandaddy: www.grandaddy.com
Special Moth: www.amazingness.com/specialmoth
Transelement: go.to/transelement
Planet Boo: www.planetboo.co.uk
No Rip Cord: www.noripcord.co.uk
a silly story about my friend john but it is quite amusing

(Of course, bear in mind that Emancipation: www.emancipationzine.com is the bestest of the lot)