Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who was the most popular fanzine of them all? Issue 9 went down a treat with tha kidz, and no wonder with interviews with The Beta Band, Quasi, Groop Dogdrill, Seafood, and Creed. There's also a feature on Muse, a quiz to help you find out: just How Cool Are You? - and more about Brassy. A funky flier for issue 9, starring Ruth herself!   ...or maybe not.

What's the best thing anyone's ever said about...
Seafood: "A flight of stairs falling down a flight of stairs falling down a flight of stairs."
Groop Dogdrill: "'Dogdrill - does exactly what it says on the tin.' Dogs being drilled - that's excellent."
Quasi: "Overflowing praise is always nice. One guy came up and kissed me last night. The best thing you can do is tell someone else to listen to the record, then they can share the experience."
Creed: "That we were the Led Zeppelin of the nineties. ... That blew my mind, because it's bullshit."