Comin' atchya with the power to move ya...
it's issue 7, featuring interviews with Brassy, Brassy, Brassy, Brassy, and Brassy (I like Brassy), as well as Reef, Fuel 238, Silverchair, and Rachel Stamp.
Oh but of course you know that ain't all. There's plenty of damn weird cartoons, plus live reviews of such amazingnesses as the Beastie Boys and the Flaming Lips, and even an article on how to beat the steads... (see cartoon below)

random Brassy excerpt...
Have you ever been recognised on the streets?
Karen: No, it'd be too freaky.
Muffin: People I know don't even recognise me!
Karen: When I put on dark glasses, good friends walk straight by!
Muffin: We are masters of disguise.
Karen: False moustaches.
Muffin: Mine's not false...