Issue 5... Neutral Milk Hotel, The Delgados, and Psycore queued up to be interviewed in this beautiful purple zine. It's a good job they weren't late, or else they'd have been struggling for space alongside the Smashing Pumpkins feature, a Reading 98 review, and, as always, lots of random cartoons and pictures and reviews and, oh, so much joy... so much...


Can you describe what you look like at this exact moment in time? "Homeless? I look smelly. Smelly and tall." Who's the best looking one in the band? "Obviously Jeremy, he's the stud of the group." "No, no, you are! All of us were attractive till he started hanging round with us."

So, who is your favourite band, then? "The Salt Machine." "Just put brackets and put 'insert obscure band here'." "Scott, no way. You don't know how stupid this shit looks in print."